The Portrayal Of Gender Roles

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The Portrayal of Gender Roles in Disney Film Cinderella
Min Ho Song, Shenice King, Kyler Ethier, Shebike Lovell
Michelle Pompeo
Humber College: Lakeshore Campus
Wednesday November 11th, 2015


Change is almost inevitable in society. The framework behind the roles people play in society are widespread and have evolved throughout the years. Movies’ are no different, and depending on the millennium, the means of gender portrayal has prevailed! In the Disney film Cinderella, it is made known that impressionable gender roles have surfaced throughout the film. Women are portrayed to be soft, emotional, feminine and inferior to men, while men are portrayed to be husky, strong, hold a specific financial status
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Although in society today, many individuals have preconceived notions as to what male and female are, there are however, ways in which they are viewed in films. These ways namely derive from the societal standards that have been previously set. In the Disney movie Cinderella, it tells the story of a young girl who got to be a princess for a night. That one night was, as most like to call it, “the time of her life.” Her dreams were granted into reality, and Cinderella got to live out her dream come true—that is, until midnight when the spell wore off. This film is a Disney fairy-tale based on the images of gender roles, and with its release in 1950, it exhibits both the female and male perspective that later on created stance for other films with similar circumstances. Widely subjected to as a controversial notion, society has influenced the portrayal of gender in the movie Cinderella, through the preconceived impression of females, the preconceived impressions of males, and the two impressions still being present in society today.
Portrayal of Women
Disney wrote in a time where women were in fact lesser than men, and were valued more differently than they are now. “We typically accept “masculine men” and “feminine women” as normal” (Brym, 2014). Many have this preconceived notion of women being feminine, soft, emotional, sweet and submissive, while men are perceived to be masculine, aggressive, tough, daring and
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