The Portrayal Of Hip Hop Music

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It’s obvious that a lot of African American men and women, especially young men and women, get a lot, if not most of their gender messages from hip hop music. Especially those messages and ideas that revolve around sex, friendship, love, and marriage. It’s in my opinion that hip-hop music is more misogynistic to black girls and women than any other form of media consumed by this demographic. The derogatory lyrics, the soft-porn visuals. and the attitudes and behaviours of the industry are embedded into the developing and naive consciousness for young black boys and girls at an early age. Couple this with the the attitudes of a culture that already undermines and portrays negatively the humanity, sexuality, and overall worth of women, and we are doing a grave disservice to the African American female by supporting this industry. This subject, admittingly, is a topic that I feel strongly about. My opinion is very black and white, considering I don’t see the value, or perceived value, to our community that having black women function as sexual objects in music and video. When did Black women become the enemy of Black male rappers and the hiphop generation? Why have so many perceived successful African American men become so obsessed with dramatizing black women as oversexed and promiscuous? Mulvey’s main argument in “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” is that Hollywood narrative films use women in order to provide a pleasurable visual experience for men. The narrative
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