The Portrayal Of Hispanic Community

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Findings For this article, it was important to be able to talk to professionals that have experienced dealing with the portrayal of Latinos, either personal or professional experiences. To gain a further understand the portrayal of Latinos in news and film, five subjects were interviewed about their opinion on the topic. Two of the subjects have a wide range of experience in journalism, as they have worked in media organizations for a long time. They both have similar ideas on the problem media has with reporting on Latinos. Two other subjects have great deal of experience in film and understand the struggles with misrepresentation of Latinos and ways to solve those problems. The last subject is a person that has experience with both film…show more content…
All of those interviewed felt that the media does not do a good job at portraying the Latino community. They feel that a variety of times the media would use stereotypes that are not realistic to prove a point about the Latino community. Subjects one, three and four feel that Latinos are misrepresented in the media. They stated that it’s hard to find stories in which Latinos are shown in a positive light or, at times, reported on at all. Subject two feels that stereotypes are an important aspect in the portrayal of Latinos. She described the fact that when the Latino community is referenced in the media, it is associated with illegal immigration or criminals, which for her, hasn’t been the case at all. Subject five stated that she agreed with subject two and feels the reason why that is the case is due to politicians continual association of immigration with Latinos. All the subjects interviewed agreed that most of the stories they read about Latinos in the media deal with immigration. Subject one believes this is a problem and that the only way that the media can be taken seriously by the Latino community, is if they stop the constant stereotype of Latinos as illegal immigrants, which is only spotted in markets like Miami or Los Angeles. Subject five stated that the bad aspects about the Latino
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