The Portrayal Of Mental Illness

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The portrayal of mental illness to the public has a very important part in the discovery, understanding and treatment of them. Common misconceptions and assumptions can be damaging to people with such illnesses by the development of social stigmas and creation of outcasts in situations where support is needed. In modern times communication to the public about mental illness comes in a variety of ways, some accurate and some not. Movies are an example of a medium which has high potential for erroneous depictions of these and are also widely publicised. This essay will look at the movie The Bourne Identity (Liman, 2002) and whether or not the depiction of mental illness in the protagonist has accuracy, or is an example of misinformation about the reality which many people suffer through. The movie begins with a fishing boat picking up a man out of the water in a storm off the coast of southern France. They treat his wounds and as he regains consciousness it becomes apparent he has no idea of who he is or anything about himself. The only clue to his identity is a device found under his skin which has the number for a safety deposit box in Zurich. He leaves the boat and a travel there to find out the box is full of passports, thousands of dollars and a gun. The American passport says his name is Jason Bourne. He quickly discovers that the authorities are trying to catch him and he escapes the bank. Through all these events it is clear Bourne is an expert fighter, very good at
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