The Portrayal Of Suicide On The Media And The Influence It Has

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The Portrayal of Suicide in the Media and the Influence it has Martangela Roman Everest College In recent light of Robin Williams’ passing, his death has taken the media by storm. The focus on Robin Williams has been split into two perspectives. The first is on the reflection of his life and the impact he made in our lives during his career. The second is the fact that he has shockingly taken his life under the assumption that he has been suffering from depression. Many people are heartbroken over the fact that someone who seemed to have cherished life and made a living making countless people smile, was actually suffering from depression. There are several outlets in the media who are trying to understand his reasoning for choice to end his life as well as hope to spread awareness to others who are depressed and provide contact information to prevent anyone from making the same fatal decision. What people do not seem to understand, is the underlying influence that media has on those either suffering from depression or are mentally incapable of understanding the severity of suicide. When someone who is loved as much as Robin Williams is now missed and cherished as a result of his death, it should come to no surprise how someone would be envious of the same adoration they would hope to achieve if they were to suddenly pass away. To reduce the influence of social contagion that suicide presents when reported in the media, we should present suicide in ways

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