The Portrayal Of The Movie ' Boyz N ' The Hood '

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The portrayal of crimes in all various forms of media are mostly exaggerated and tend to overstay there welcome. When a crime gets reported on the news or any other media they tend to focus on violent crimes only. Most focus sole on crimes in poor neighborhoods and only on certain race and genders. When a crime is portrayed in movies or in video games it is usually unrealistic and tend to be blown out of proportion for the viewers to get them hooked. Once in a while there are good types of media that can correctly describe crimes. Boyz n the Hood is a story about a group of friends who have to struggle and cope to live in the hard streets of Crenshaw, located in Los Angeles. In the film their friend gets killed by a group of blood members and they seek revenge at the end of the film by killing the culprits cold-bloodedly with an AK-47. There are numerous theories described in the books and modules that can help explain why the characters in the film committed the murder and crimes depicted in the film. I think this movie depicts crime and the neighborhood where it is committed very well. It shows the struggles that people must live through when they grow up around those rural areas. The film has two characters who each show a different outcome and picture of how the people around us can change and influence what we do and how we end up. One theory that can explain the final scene in the movie in which the character Doughboy kills the three members of the bloods is the
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