The Portrayal Of Women During The Arab World

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The portrayal of women in the media is a global phenomenon that many nations, countries and cultures struggle to find equality in the portrayal of gender throughout media systems. The Middle East and the Arab World is no exception to this phenomenon, recognizing and contributing to the negatively portrayed images of Arab women represented in the global mass media. For my research paper, I chose to focus on how women in the Arab World are breaking boundaries of these negative stereotypical images, while using social media as an outlet for online activism and empowerment. By conducting research on how women are portrayed as “subservient” to men in the Arab World, I started to form my research question in how women are interpreting these portrayed images, how they are reacting to these misrepresentations of themselves in the media, and what exactly they are doing about changing the image of themselves and the evident inequalities between men in civil society. I continued furthering my research with the introduction of social media to the Arab world and the combating of stereotypes of Arab women in the media. Collectively, based on all of my research and knowledge of global mass media, the portrayal of Arab women in mass media, and the exponentially rising usage of social media in implementing social change, Arab women have gained a voice in standing up for rights in civil societies throughout the Arab World. My research led me to formulate the following research question: How
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