The Portrayal Of Women Of Contemporary Rap Videos

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The aim of this study is examine the portrayal of women in contemporary rap videos, and to see if it could be potentially harmful. Unfortunately within the music industry like many industries sex sells, and the media has brought to light this fixation. Hip-hop has persuaded a large portion of society that this is how women should be treated, but new times call for new measures and it is time that people realise this and give women the respect and dignity that many believe they surly deserve. In the rap world, women are a status of success, and they are treated almost as trophies: a way for rappers to show that they have made it to the top of their game. It is not that rappers feel that women are inferior, but they feel treating women like a collector’s item is how they should go about flaunting their new-found success. Rappers always try to have the best looking girls in their videos, which make other people, predominantly young men, think how they are living the high life, being able to get the best looking girls, girls they could only dream of getting. The intent of this façade is to simply make money, but rappers do not realise how much of an impact their music is having on the younger generations. When the younger generation watch television and see artists throw money in the air, with expensive cars and women, that image is stored in their minds as the definition of success. They begin to believe the idea that in order to accomplish success, you must have beautiful

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