The Portrayal of Metamorphosis in Educating Rita by Willy Russell

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The Portrayal of Metamorphosis in Educating Rita by Willy Russell

In this essay, I am going to discuss the portrayal of metamorphosis in Willy Russell’s ‘Educating Rita.’

I am going to write about how the play’s two round characters, Frank and Rita, change their attitudes, confidence, lifestyle, appearance and their overall look on life throughout the course of the play. To do this, I will analyse Frank and Rita at the start of the play and then go on to comment on how they change from the beginning to the end of the play.

The writer who wrote this brilliant play is called Willy Russell. He was born in 1947 in Liverpool and lived most of his life there. He came from a typical working class
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At first, she is very bubbly and chatty when she meets her insecure and quiet, tutor, Frank. They could never know how their personalities and attitudes could affect each other and help them to eventually change for the better. When the play was made into a film in 1984, it was so good that it received a Bafta for best film, best actress and also the best actor.

It could be considered that the writer of the play tries to show his own metamorphosis through the character of Rita. He successfully shows how he and Rita both came from a deprived background and changed their lives dramatically with hard work and determination.

At the beginning of ‘Educating Rita,’ we see Rita as a very forthcoming and lively person. This is evident as the first time that she actually meets her tutor, Frank; she is extremely open and talkative with him. “Well that’s no good always meanin to, is it? Y’ should get on with it; one of these days you’ll be shoutin’ ‘come in’ an’ it’ll go on forever because the poor sod on the other side won’t be able to get in. An’ you won’t be able to get out.” This quotation shows us that Rita is incredibly friendly and is not at all shy. She is not embarrassed to speak her mind. This is the first impression that the reader has of Rita.

Although we see that Rita is open and forward, we also learn that she is uneducated and doesn’t believe that she
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