The Position Of Cadet Vice Wing Commander

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Unit SC-932, or as we prefer the Byrnes High School AFJROTC, is one of the homes I have deemed to be a part of my life. I never intended to become so high up in this organization, but at the time that I am writing this, I happen to find myself in the position of cadet Vice Wing Commander (which means I am 2nd in command for any civilians reading). Needless to say, I have experienced, observed, and participated in most all aspects of this Corps. Not just the aspects of different clubs and classes we offer, but the aspects of the experience and training that I personally (as well as any other enthusiastic cadet) has received. One of the subjects that my studies in the corps has brought me upon is management approaches. In fact, that is what brought me to writing this paper. Anyways, there are several different kinds of management approaches and they could all be found in just about any organization (including Byrnes AFJROTC), but I want to focus on one in particular. This specific approach “considers the performance of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling as circular and continuous.” (45). It is known as the process approach, which can be very evident in the Corps of cadets at Byrnes High School. Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. That is what JROTC stands for. However, I want to refer to a specific word in it: Officer. Keep in mind, this Corps is not a military organization, we just do things in a military manner. Indeed, we do have people in the…
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