The Position Of Corporate Security

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Abstract Due to present and ongoing dangers and threats to our nation’s businesses, the position of corporate security manager within the security field is experiencing ample growth opportunities that are expected to continue in years to come. Without proper security, businesses may suffer the potential consequences of operational risks, making the position of corporate security manager vital for their success and safety. In conducting research, I discovered the potential consequences of not securing your business, and the importance of protecting the resources contained within your business, making it apparent businesses will require those with the expertise to handle these threats. So it is without fail, corporate leaders…show more content…
According to the Bureau of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook, positions available within the security field are based on experience and education, with many entry-level positions requiring only a high school diploma (Statistics, 2014). The charts below show employment estimates, mean wages, and percentile wage estimates for the security management field. Employment estimates and mean wages for the security management field (Statistics, 2014): Employment (1) Employment Mean hourly Mean annual Wage RSE (3) RSE (3) wage wage (2)________________ 3,207,790 0.4% $20.70 $43,510 0.7% Percentile wage estimates for the security management field (Statistics, 2014): Percentile 10% 25% 50% (Median) 75% 90% __ Hourly Wage $9.13 $11.73 $17.68 $27.34 $38.03_ Annual Wage (2) $18,990 $24,390 $36,770 $56,860 $79,100 After job availability and position outlook, it was apparent to me most potential employees are concerned with job wages and/or salary. Within the security management field, pay scale varies based on position, location, education, and experience. Investing in further education and obtaining a college certificate, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree may assist an individual in securing a better paying position. Military service a
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