The Positive And Long Term Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution

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Discussion Section #2 Hist 1302
Question: What were the most important changes resulting from the Industrial Revolutions and what were the positive and negative long term impacts?

The Industrial revolution was a big event in American history. The most important changes were:
1. The invention of machinery
2. The use of steam, and some other kinds of power
3. New Factory system

All of this points had long term impacts, and most of the changes were positive, but they also had downsides like:

1. The invention of machinery- replaced labor work, and many people lost their jobs.
2. The use of steam, and some other kinds of power- replaced manual work of people and also animals, which again led to loss of jobs.
3. New Factory system- the change
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Sarah Lafley

Sarah you made a great point mentioning the cleanliness of the cities and water after The Industrial Revolution. Industrial Revolution guided society to new reforms which helped to keep cities clean. Industry of machinery replaced horses with cars, which also helped to keep cities cleaner. Personally after reading facts about Industrial revolution effects, I did not pay attention to what you really have pointed out “clean cities”, for this reason I find your article useful for my own knowledge.
Discussion Section #3
What were the most important contributions of Theodore Roosevelt while in office and why?

Theodore Roosevelt well known for his conservative accomplishments was given the nickname “trust buster”. Theodore Roosevelt created a domestic program which united upon a few ideas: Conservation of national resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection. The biggest long lasting accomplishment was the establishment of federal protection of a huge space of land, close to 230 million acres. His action helped later generations to have enough of natural resources, which is a big
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