The Positive And Negative Effects Of Globalization In The Hotel Industry

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Before we discuss about the effects brought by globalization, we should first understand its meaning. Globalization refers to the worldwide movement of capital, goods and services, people, values or ideas across national borders in the form of trade, economic, financial and communications integration. It has brought plenty of far-reaching impacts to different aspects of people’s life in the modern world. As an emerging industry with a high level of fluidity, what impacts the hotel industry has come over so far? In this essay I will discuss about both the positive and negative effects brought by globalization to the hotel industry.

First of all, globalization allows employees such as workers or mangers of hotel industry to learn about different
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One of the biggest problems is due to language barriers. People from different countries might not be able to communicate effectively because they do not speak the same language. If the employees in the hotel industry failed to understand their customers’ meaning, it would cause customer irritation that greatly affects the image of this hotel. Another problem is concerning the cultural barriers. As mentioned above, there are people with various cultures. You need to be careful not to offend them. For example, pork or alcohol is the last thing you would serve a Muslim customer. If you were not familiar with their culture, it would case a serious…show more content…
Some of the luxurious hotels with strong brand name and popularity start their business in another country. They take away the employees by offering higher salary and opportunities. Besides, they are more attractive that people would not choose the small, local hotels anymore. Therefore, small hotels are being extinct and can no longer compete in the industry. Furthermore, hotels in some countries that cannot keep up with the advancement in technology failed to survive as well. Those countries do not have the infrastructure or technology to serve such a large amount of foreigners. This would greatly affect the hotels in that industry.

In general, the effects of globalization are countless and could bring huge impact on the hotel industry. People should pay attention to this issue and be aware of it. It would be effective to develop and take advantage of the positive effects while at the same time setting strategies to face the obstacles brought by the negative effects caused by
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