The Positive And Negative Effects Of Uniforms

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The Positive and Negative Effects Uniforms have on Students
In a society that is so fixed on obeying the laws of the constitution, one situation remains untouched. By the school systems making children wear a certain outfit in order to fit in with their peers, they are putting stress on each one of their individual rights. There is no proof rather uniforms work or not, but from my research I can conclude that it is in the schools best interest to not have uniforms. Forcing kids to wear uniforms is not just wrong, but it is unconstitutional. When children are forced to wear uniforms, it is the same thing as trying to make them all the same. By changing how a kid dresses, does not change who they are. All it does is mask the originality and individuality each individual kid has. Every religion is different and it is practically impossible to make a uniform to fit every religion type. Therefore making it impossible to have a valid uniform that works for everyone. Most school officials think that uniforms will solve a young adult’s misbehavior, but in reality the solution is much deeper than the material a child wears on his or her back.
America is based on the constitution; in the constitution it says we are free. The word free does not exclude when we are at school. Yet, some school executives decisions however are bending the rules that the fathers of our country wrote to keep society in a mannerly conduct order. David Brunsma, the author of The School Uniform
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