The Positive And Negative Factors Of Mobile Computing

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Discuss how mobile computing has changed the way in which the Internet is used. Identify three changes to the Internet that have occurred as a result of mobile computing and justify an argument about whether these are positive or negative factors.

Mobile computing is technology that has enabled users to obtain internet services while being in a state of constant motion. Conventionally, internet could only be accessed only via Ethernet cable and users had to sit on one place in order to access internet. In this way, there existed no concept of taking work to a trip or connecting to world anytime. With the invention of mobile computing, users can take their work in their hands. One can now get internet service anywhere needed.
In this way, mobile computing has brought some major changes to the internet world; some of them include cloud computing, social media services and e-commerce. Cloud computing is a service through which users can compute data, use applications and save their data online on internet. This stored data and applications can be accessed anywhere anytime. For example, if a user saves some data online in cloud from home desktop and then finds a need to access while being on a trip, it can be easily accessed through mobile phone or laptop just by connecting to internet. Similarly, applications can be used while being mobile.
Social media is the biggest achievement of mobile computing. Mobile computing lead to the invention of smart phones and social media. Users once used to connect remote friends through e-mails etc. and there was no proper way real time conversation. Now, social media allows to connect to people in real time. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. are the social media applications which are nowadays handled on smart phones and users are able to use them anytime they want. They help carry out live streaming sessions and real time services which was not possible with static computing. (What is Mobile Computing : Best Applications & Services (OS), 2015)
Business started to grow in IT world with the introduction of internet but it had never been a proper platform for commerce till internet became mobile. E-commerce is now a well established and rapidly growing field and this has
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