The Positive And Negative Impacts Of Playing Video Games

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Video games Playing video games has become a trend in the present generation and each and very home is almost equipped with these video games. The complex as well as challenging and ambitious games has started wince 1970 and playing video games started proving to be beneficial for developing the intellectual abilities. Video games on the one hand are providing the source of entertainment tit eh players specifically children but on the other hand it is also improving the eye-hand coordination in them. With the passage of time the new variety of video games has provided to the new generation which made them addicted and they started spending plenty of time playing video games which raised the different health issues as well as mentality…show more content…
More than 90% of children who are living in America are playing video games and they tend to play these games 2 hours minimum a day. The video games which are especially violent in nature has raised many concerns for parents reading their children that the issue of selling or rental of these games was brought before the supreme court of America. In the year 2001, for the first time in the court it has been declared that video games are the sources to communicate variety of ideas as well as social messages. The issue has not ended up yet as the tragedies which were happening with children raised this debate to higher extent and it has become one of the hot issue of the time. for this purpose many researches has also been published in the journal of personality and social Psychology in which it has been declared that the adults who plays the mature version of violent video games get engaged in the consumption of alcohol as well as in dangerous driving. Overall this debate kept on raising and still research is in process as no final conclusion has been drawn. (US News, 2011) Video games from one viewpoint are giving the wellspring of excitement to the players particularly kids however then again it is likewise enhancing the eye-hand coordination in them. With the progression of time the new assortment of video games has given to the new era which made them dependent and they began investing a lot of energy playing video games which raised the
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