The Positive Arguments for Video Games

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Video games the positives Has your mom ever told you to read get off and read a book, right when your one kill from a kem strike. Of course you don't and your screen goes black down in the bottom a becon pops up saying disconnected from xbox live. Well i have it sucks! So the next day your mom takes the wifi box with her to work so when she comes home i say “mom we need to have a talk” . We talk and she says if you can prove me wrong and show me how video games don't rot your brain ill let you play as long as you want. Duh i agreed but i could never find out how to show her and now thanks to mrs.maier i can so MOM video games do improve your life. Heres some proof for you skeptics, Believe it or not Doctors agree its been proven that surgeons who play video games once a day for 30 minutes leads to less mistakes in surgery. Although some say that it can mess up hand eye coordination up but it actually makes reflexis better and also its been tested. there are several ways it makes them faster when you first start playing video games you're bad. Your reaction time is slower and your motor skills aren't as good as others who play video games i know this from experience. Another way includes the experiment that was conducted on teens two sets of teens played two different games one was cod bo2 and the other was the sims3. for a total time of fifty hours and they ran test to see who would have better reflex time. It was the cod group this is because cod is
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