The Positive Benefits Of Multiculturalism: Advantages And Challenges

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Imagine living in a country whereby its living environment is in harmony such that the people who live there is very friendly with each other in regards of their religion and culture. Not only will people’s life become rich and colorful as they are constantly trying to understand each other, but also to learn from each other’s mistakes. Such that, the society are more acceptable towards different kinds of opinions and the social cohesion among the residents is strong as there is a lack of conflicts. Furthermore, different types of event celebrations and festivals with varieties of performances will be held for each culture. As such, there will be various types of cuisine and among the residents, they will get to enjoy different company. This…show more content…
Not only the country are able to attract different varieties of professionals around the globe for which they can contribute towards a society, but also these professionals are able to consider the country as their home. It is such a win-win situation. In the society of multiculturalism, it will promote cultural awareness among the employees in the working environment and these employees who are exposed to the different views will tend to think creatively. An association with the occurrence of cultural experience can promote flexibility and create a strong team as they are able to provide empathy with each other as they interact with each other. Since the employees are well adapted to the multicultural environment, they are able to attract different types of customers in regards to their culture as the employees tend to be more flexible and communicative. As a result, businesses may benefit from the culturally diverse workforce as they will engage in a larger social network for which it can generate different products and services that is due to the creative and innovative thinking among the employees. Thus, it can be well reasoned that companies with a well diversified workforce is at an advantage because it will offer varieties products that has the ability to attract customers from several ethnic groups, thus it will lead to an increase in customer base that facilitates in capturing the global market and earn profits rather
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