The Positive Consumer Reputation And Awareness

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In terms of brand value this is very useful information, which uses facts to show the positive consumer reputation and awareness. “The first brand mentioned is a good indicator of current usage”, which implies that the majority of these participants buys Evian water, and therefore it has brand preference (Elliott and Percy, 2007). I think this is due in a part to consumer loyalty, and brand trust that has been built over a large period of time.

Evian has attempted a few product developments in the past as a growth strategy tactic (, n.d.. However in general they have been faced with criticism. In particular a padded bra, which was voted as one of the worst brand extensions in 2005, and consumers felt it did not match
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The UK public have increasingly been considering health and wellness, partly inspired by the 2012 Olympics and other campaigns to eat better and be more active. This means that health worries and price will potentially lead to an increase in consumers switching to bottled water, and in my opinion Evian’s health claims should help it remain in the market leader position.

However the majority of the bottled water increased sales in the past decade has actually come from more inexpensive waters, like Nestle’s Poland Spring and supermarket own brands sold in bulk (Mail Online, 2013). This is a threat alongside other premium brands and tap water.

Applied marketing mix

As shown in my diagram below, the core product benefit of Evian bottled water is hydration, and the actual product features include the health benefits, the packaging and the branding. The augmented product in this case is the customer service and perceived status value.

The brand began in France but is now global. The product seems to have the features that were popular at the start and are still wanted now, and although the price is fairly high it is balanced by the perceived quality. The promotion tactics seem to be undifferentiated, which means Evian focuses on the common consumer needs and targets them with the same campaigns (Armstrong and Kotler, 2011). Evian bottles are sold at selected supermarkets and
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