The Positive Effect Of Dietary Chromium On Blood Glucose Levels Essay

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The Positive Effect of Dietary Chromium on Blood Glucose Levels There are multiple studies on the effects that chromium may have on blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. Some research journals below insist on a significant change that was observed in blood glucose levels and in overall insulin sensitivity of the cells. There are two journals researching the effects of a chromium supplement on glucose, the first one including type 2 diabetics. The third research journal is a study of chromium deficiencies and whether or not that is a significant factor in pre-diabetes. I think it’s key to know the findings of the deficiencies, as it would help us conclude whether or not the addition of chromium to a diet would be beneficial in preventing or controlling diabetes. Furthermore, Analyzing the methods of these journals will help to conclude whether or not this information is reliable. I personally have been affected by type 1 diabetes, which is why I decided to research this topic in more detail, to figure out if chromium will truly affect my blood glucose. In a 2006 research article, Martin and her associates go into depth about their double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study that was done on thirty-two subjects with type 2 diabetes. They have concluded that there was an increase in insulin sensitivity and an improvement in glycemic control over a 10-month period. I would prefer that this study included much more subjects for this topic, in order to be able to

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