The Positive Effects Of Animals In The Classroom

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Dogs can teach us valuable lessons, including loyalty, courage, and the necessity of turning around three times before lying down. Most importantly, dogs can be examples of absolute, unconditional love, and extreme patience. Even the most excited dogs, often, just want to be with you and will be ready whenever you are. One of the greatest things about dogs is that they help us to remember to stop and take a breath when life gets crazy. A brisk walk is the answer to all of life’s problems.
Research shows that dogs can help individuals with disabilities in various ways, whether they’ve had this disability their whole life, or they are learning to live with it (doggiedoesgood). Dogs are good at caring. Why would we not let them do it professionally with kids who need someone to care for them? Dogs can give us an outlet for our emotions and, seemingly, understand us in a way that no human can.
This study is designed to evaluate the effects of dogs in a classroom over one semester. Through interviews and observations, I will be looking at the effects the dog has on the students and the general classroom atmosphere. In the end, I will be looking at any changes in behavior and atmosphere of the classroom. I believe that the dogs will have a positive effect on the classroom and the students that are impacted.
Lit Review
The presence of a dog can have a positive effect on children in the classroom. Dogs can be especially helpful for students with mental and emotional disorders
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