The Positive Effects Of Birth Control

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Birth control can be described as a method of contraception, which is a technique that is used in order to prevent pregnancy as a result of sexual intercourse. There are many types of birth control, the most common being the pill which will mainly be discussed in this report. While birth control's main purpose is to prevent future pregnancies, it is also very versatile. Many women use it for its benefits rather than its ability to prevent pregnancy. Even though birth control has its positive effects, many are still against the thought of the pill. With that being said, supporters of the pill believe that every woman should have access to birth control because of its wide range of benefits, whereas those who oppose the pill, argue using…show more content…
In fact, one woman states that “taking the pill made [her] feel in control of [her] body and [her] choices” (Sole-Smith).
For the opponents, who are strongly against the usage of birth control, base their claims strictly on religion. They claim the use of birth control is the equivalent of an abortion (Life and Liberty Ministries). Also they believe giving women birth control encourages sexual behavior.
Opponents also claim that the pill may endanger a woman’s health. Birth control may cover up the signs of Endometriosis. Endometriosis is the formation of cysts and lesions on the reproductive organs. If birth control is prescribed at a young age, a woman who has Endometriosis may not be aware of the symptoms of this condition until she is off the pill (Sole-Smith). In rare and severe cases, if birth control is combined with another pill it may cause heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and liver tumors (Parenthood).
Both supporters and opponents of birth control have completely opposite opinions on the topic. One based merely on religion and rare scenarios while the other focuses on the positive effects it has for women. For this reason birth control will continue to be such a controversial topic.

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