The Positive Effects Of Growing Up With Autism

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Children are largely shaped by the outside world. Their friends, family, and community determine their attitudes about life in a major way. However, when a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is born there are predetermined aspects to their health and personality. Large biological differences makes environments that are beneficial to atypical children potentially harmful to children who have autism. Autism directly impacts socialization and learning aspects that come easy to children who do not possess autism. Thus, large amount of social services are used to adjust the child to their environment. Growing up in a rural environment has many positive effects on an autistic child’s mindset and wellbeing, but these positive effects can often be outweighed by the risks associated with living in such a sparsely populated area.
Children who have autism require many aspects of life to be accommodated to their biological condition. One out of 68 people have been diagnosed with a form of ASD, and this number only continues to grow (Mello, Goldman, Urbano& Hodapp 2016). Growing up with autism is not an easy feat. Thus, large family ties are needed to support the child. However, in rural environments this is not always possible. In rural environments families make $50,000 or less each year in 53.6% cases; while urban families made less than $50,000 in 35.6% cases. A struggle for economic stability creates stress in all households. Thus, the autistic children see at least one

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