The Positive Effects Of Medical Marijuana Essay

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The Positive Effects of Medical Marijuana While the recreational use of Marijuana is considered controversial, the medical purposes have been a widely discussed topic among health care professionals, as well as for the patients that may benefit from it 's medicinal properties. Doctors and scientists have dedicated their lives to discovering new remedies and treatments for the illnesses that ail us, and they have collected very promising results from their research on Marijuana. Numerous experiments have been conducted to prove the medical purposes of this illegal drug, giving many sick patients hope. The research has shown two active chemicals that have medicinal properties, Cannabidiol (CBC) and Tetrahydrocannabiniol (THC). CBC impacts the brain without giving the individual a “high”, and THC has pain relieving properties. Even though the results of these studies are positive, many states are still leery of legalizing the drug because it has been illegal for so long. It is clear that Marijuana doesn 't exactly have a good reputation. Many people smoke it and end up making horrible decisions which, in turn, causes skepticism in our judicial system. However, since it will be in the right hands, and will be heavily regulated, I believe that doctors should have access to any medicine that will be, or could be beneficial to their patients. One of the benefits of Marijuana was studied by Robert J. Delorenzo, who experimented on how Marijuana effects those with Epilepsy. His
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