The Positive Effects Of Solitary Confinement

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Imagine your child committed a crime, was tried as an adult and sent to an adult prison. The other inmates pick with and beat on him daily, so to keep him safe he is sent to solitary confinement, a small cell, alone with little to no attention or interaction with other humans. While in the cell he is slowly losing his mind and once released from prison he comes home differently. According to Hinds (2015), "They often aren't able to see their loved ones, are stripped of the very limited amount of control they have in prison, are left without human contact and sensory stimulation, and are often left in a state of limbo, unsure when they will be removed from solitary". Many people don't understand the effects solitary confinement can have on a person. Solitary confinement is supposed to be a punishment for acting up while in jail. However, a former inmate Elton Simpson (2015) states, "I think solitary confinement is mental…show more content…
e." The small enclosed cells of solitary confinement have been shown to decrease brain functioning, increase mental and psychological problems, and decrease the ability of the inmate acclimating back into
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