The Positive Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution took place in the 18th and 19th centuries and changed the course of agriculture, capitalism, and society. Through this revolution many countries, like America and Great Britain, became industrialized and sought to use hand powered tools and technology to manufacture goods. This brought tremendous results in society. In places like Great Britain the economy increased (as did the population), it raised living conditions for the middle and upper class, and people were wealthier than ever. The Industrial Revolution brought on many positive changes in society. However, it also brought some unfortunate changes as well.
This new era of society caused an extreme growth in entrepreneurship and gave way for the expansion of manufacturing, which gave way for more jobs. Many poor families living in rural areas moved to the city near the factories for a change to escape poverty and live a better life. Many people, however, were extremely shocked to find that they were not living the life they had anticipated. The working conditions proved to be harsh. Factories were not sanitized and help numerous diseases. Factories also proved to be dangerous, and people worked long and exhausting hours at these factories. Many people worked up to sixteen hours a day, this included men, women, and children.
Many factories employed children for numerous reasons. Children could maneuver into small spaces that adults could not fit in. Children were also easier to manage and could be paid less money than adults. These children endured many harsh conditions along with their parents. Many of the machines were unsafe, and if was extremely easy for little fingers and arms to get caught. The factories themselves also put out fumes and toxic that could cause a young child a variety of diseases. These children were not only spectated to work these long tedious hours, but also to earn an education on top of it. Although many people saw this as the social norm there were people were ahead of their time. These people saw that child labor was wrong and sought to change it.
Grace Abbott was a reformer born in Grand Island, Nebraska. Her whole family were activist, and at a young age she was quickly exposed to various political
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