The Positive Effects Of Video Games

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Faizal Lalani
Ms. Hart
British Literature
2nd Period
18 March 2015
The Positive Effects of Video Games
Video Games industry is the biggest entertainment industry, bigger and better than Hollywood, “The video-game industry is projected to grow from $67 billion in 2013 to $82 billion in 2017. At the same time, global movie revenue, both DVD and ticket sales, hit an estimated $94 billion in 2010, down 17% after inflation from 2001” (Fast company). Video Games are a huge part of children and teenagers in today’s world, they spend hours playing video games every day. In our society video games are one of the most common and most fun way of using technology. “In September, a new pop-culture milestone was reached. The fourteenth installment of Grand Theft Auto did $800 million in worldwide sales in its first 24 hours. That was the biggest launch day ever for any piece of entertainment—any movie, any record, anything at all” (Fast company). Over the years video gaming has evolved and with its evolution it has changed itself and changed how the gamers play it. Video games have turned out to be a really controversial subject with people and scientists debating if it has any negative effects on teenagers like addiction, aggressive behavior, and depression; but it has not been proven yet if video games does really have any negative effects on the society. Although video games might have some negative effects, it has a lot of positive effects too, which cannot be ignored. Some positive…
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