The Positive Effects of a Student's Participation in Competitive Sports

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A student’s participation in competitive sports has a positive effect on the students’ academic performance. Although this may take time away from studying, physical activity helps improve functionality of the brain. This is an improvement in the student’s mental ability. In this essay I will discuss how and why participation in sports has appositive impact on a student’s academic performance. Firstly, I will discuss how sports have a positive effect on a student’s academic performance. Followed by supplying the research that qualifies the notions provided, and finally present my conclusion I will provide my own opinion based on the information provided. Sports are good for student as it has a positive effect on the individuals. They keep the body active, which helps reduce cardiorespiratory ailment and diseases specific to adulthood (Asociacion RUVID, 2013). There many other health benefits that affect a student’s academic performance. Participating in sports helps the crucial body systems in working at capacity and increase the level of alertness among participants (Khan, M.Y., Jamil, A., Khan, U.A., Kareem, U., 2002). It is important for students to take part in competitive sports as they have better study habits and spend less time on leisure activities and are more motivated to study and the reasons why they do it are more clear to them (Asociacion RUVID, 2013). Sports are also known to have an influence of the students discipline and responsibility. This is why they
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