The Positive Effects of the Great Plague Essay

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The Great Plague was a pandemic that killed many people, and for the people from the olden times the plague equaled painful death; it was torture. As a result, many people categorize ‘the Great Plague’ as a catastrophe that had caused huge damage in Europe, but without this epidemic, we many not have had substantial changes that lead us to the modern day we have now. The Great Plague was an outbreak that killed a third of population in Europe. It was a scourge that originated in the arid plains of central Asia and traveled along the Silk Road. From then on, fleas living on rats, which were typically found on merchant ships, carried it. There were three types of the plague: bubonic plague, this was an infection of the lymph glands and…show more content…
Travelers like them usually spent money buying new lands and using money for voyages. It also became difficult for people to procure goods as many were reluctant to leave the house, in fear that they too would get the plague. As a result of this, trade declined, and the price of both goods produced locally and goods imported from afar skyrocketed. The Black Death was also a way for people to start a new life, and it was also a way for Europe to start from square one. There was a huge effect on education. Many people realised that as much as they believed in God and their religion, the church was not God and that they were just taking the power. Because of this, people tried to research more about the reasons why the plague spread. Therefore, medicals schools were opened and there were many more doctors than before. Technology and machines improved and developed because of the lack of workers on the fields. The idea of feudalism was also faltering as many of the lords had died from the plague. Peasants were more free and they were also let loose from the bounds tying them to the lands. Instead, people started going towards of humanism and ideas of working for the benefits of oneself. There is evidence that can back this up. In Russia, the plague did not have as much as an effect and the feudal system continued until the 19th century. The Great Plague was an enormous pandemic that left a huge
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