The Positive Health Impacted By Fathers ' Involvement

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The literature review conducted by Plantin, Olukoya, and Ny is about the positive health impacted by fathers’ involvement in regards to the mothers, children, and the fathers themselves when involved in the pregnancy and childbirth (2011). The literature reviewed is based on European men. Paternal involvement with pregnancy and delivery has positive outcomes, yet there is little help offered geared towards men in regards to parenting. This literature review expands on reasons and possible ways to reach out to men in contrast to the majority of support offered in regards to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting an infant is targeted towards mothers. Reproductive health has been primarily focused around women for a long time. In more recent years medical research is turning towards men in regards to reproductive health. Research on fatherhood has expanded a lot in more recent times. Today’s society has seen many changes in family structure and gender roles. Women are in the work force more now than before and there has been development of women’s rights in regards to gender equality. Men are expected to be more of a part of the family then before, and they should be granted “motherhood” like opportunities as well. Much of the previous research on men’s roles in families is negative, such as “deadbeat dads”. Men are expected now to have more responsibilities as being a parent, yet they are still also expected to be the breadwinners and financially support the family. The
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