The Positive Impact Of Social Media On Teenagers

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1.1 Background
In this era of digital age, the use of social media among teenagers has been rampant due to technological developments from time to time. The use of social media is not only used as a personal communication, but can be private with groups, groups with groups, or groups with the masses. The Teenagers more switch to the internet or social media as a medium to communicate. Social media can be the easiest medium that can be accessed only with internet connection. The teens can add information on the outside of the world quickly because of social media.Social media is also used to share and familiarize yourself with others (Zdnetasia, 2011)
Currently, many teenagers are active in social media because of the ease of communicating only with his mobile phone that has internet network, not only that add insight outside the world of social media can also be a medium of entertainment for teenagers because they communicate with their peers.
On that basis the authors do research on Social media that became the trend of today's media among adolescents.

1.2. Formulation of the problem 1.2.1 Problem Identification
Based on the background that has been put forward, the author can formulate the problem to be discussed in this study. The problem is as follows:
What is the positive impact of using social media as a medium of communication among teenagers?
How social media influence on adolescent psychology?
Why is social media a trend among teenagers?
1.2.2. Restricting the problem
Based on the identification of the problem that has been taken, the authors limit the problem by drawing a problem to be discussed, namely: why social media become a trend among teenagers at this time?

1.3 Purpose
The purpose of this observation is to know and identify social media to communication among adolescents.

1.4 Benefits
This report is very useful for the author, because:
Provide an opportunity for writers to study, observe, and examine a trend of communication among adolescents.
Train the author in making a paper to get used and better.
As a guideline for learning of scientific papers
As a motivation to make an observation, interview or read books related to communication through social media
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