The Positive Impact Of Social Media

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Social media has changed the ability of organizations to self-promote in new generational ways. They attract a larger number of people cost-effectively through advertising in multi-dimensional ways. Social media has had a significant impact on the ability of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) community to have a greater positive impact on society. This fact is demonstrated well in the case of the article “The Science Behind The Success Of The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” published in Forbes Magazine. This challenge was a great success because it increased awareness and funding for the ALS Society which is demonstrated through the impact of the challenge, and the use of social media to achieve this. This essay will examine the impact the challenge had on society and the ALS community, which tools were used by the challenge, how the organization has fared in the years after the challenge, and lastly the positive effects of the challenge. Many companies and charities use social media as a marketing tool which reduces money for advertising compared to more traditional ways, as was the case with the ALS Society. The challenge in advertising through social media is finding ways in which to use the platform effectively, which the ALS Society did. The “Ice Bucket Challenge” was a phenomenon that took over social media including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. According to an online article titled “The Science Behind The Success Of The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” published in
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