The Positive Impact Of Social Networking And Social Relationships

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Thanks to technology, people have enjoyed many efficient ways of communicating and socializing. Social networking sites have blown up in popularity among teenagers and adults from all over the world; therefore, 1.5 billion people have incorporated social websites into their daily routine. Social networking sites refer to online platforms or services that allow subscribers to create a profile and interact with other users. Social websites, such as Facebook, arise from people’s needs to belong to a community, and they have a profound impact on their social and personal lives and intellectual development. Social networking sites contribute to developing and strengthening social relationships. For instance, people can make thousands of friends on Facebook they could never make in real life. Also, they can form online groups to discuss their common interests, share life experiences, display pictures, and keep in touch with Global news. Through the use of posting comments, reading messages, and video calling, one can make virtual friends anywhere. Online communications can strengthen a relationship, because people feel closer to their friends. They have fun together using cartoon characters, virtual kisses and hugs, and digital doodles. Furthermore, the focus on single people, who are looking for new relationships, has been increasing considerably on social websites. Many applications help people find matches and simplify interactions. While our time is extremely limited by
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