The Positive Impact of Performance Management at Peel Hospital

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In the increasingly competitive market, it is essential that organizations form and implement an effective organizational performance management system to help gain competitive advantage. The performance management system should have several activities that will help to develop the goals of the organization; it should also help in monitoring organizational progress and to make adjustments to accomplish the goals more efficiently with minimal barriers (Shackleton, 2007). The Peel Memorial Hospital in Brampton Ontario along with other hospitals and regional health facilities were facing major challenges. Cultural differences and merging of non-acute and community based services; this put tremendous strain on management. Management had…show more content…
Performance management involves performance planning; this is where the goals and objectives are planned. Peel Hospital was able to develop a more specific mission statement which the employee understood and believed in; performance coaching was also implemented to help give feedback; each individual performance was documented and feedback delivered. The impact of performance management on Peel Hospital was enormous. The hospital realized that it needed to change and that the organization was ready for change after an environmental assessment was conducted. Employees from different work levels at the hospital were brought together and the importance of measuring performance was explained to them. It is crucial that an organization be ready for changes otherwise there would roadblocks. Value of Balanced Scorecard The Balanced Scorecard is the most popular approach used to measure performance. The balance scorecard was developed by Kaplan and Norton in 1992 to help the weak and vague performance management strategies (Kaplan & Norton, 1992). The balanced scorecard looks at measures and objectives of the organizational performance from four aspects: Financial, customer, internal processes, and learning and growth (12 Manage, 2009). The Balanced scorecard worked very well for Peel Hospital, it helped the
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