The Positive Leveling Progression Of Humanity Towards Humanities

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Kierkegaard’s Leveling Process

The Positive Leveling Progression of Humanity Towards Humanities’ Unification

Ruben Gomez
PHIL 4130
Prof. Pierre Lamarche
It doesn’t take long when reading Kierkegaard’s work on The Present Age to know how he felt about the progression and direction of the society of his time. He claimed that through the processes which he coins leveling, the public, reflection, and chatter, humanity was in a spiraling down fall in which society was being destroyed by the aspects of culture and what Hegel called the human Spirit in his book Phenomenology of Spirit. Kierkegaard claimed that these phenomena mentioned were ruining humanity as I’m sure it appeared to him. When observing our own modern times, we see these phenomena continuing in our present age as well and can even be projected towards the years to come. The difference between what Kierkegaard perceived and what I perceive living a century and a half later is that from where we stand today, these leveling processes of the public are pushing us towards a unified global society. These processes are making humanity stronger even though they appear to be negative to our future. To better illustrate and understand the perspective of our present age as to that of Kierkegaard’s, we must first examine what Kierkegaard meant by these four phenomena which he claimed plagued his society in 1840’s Copenhagen. We will start by

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