The Positive Relationship Between Public Officials and Corruption

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In present time, part of our society is dependent on the law enforcement, which are supposed to keep our community and environment safe and out of trouble. Police officers are part of a branch in law enforcement that helps contribute in the enforcement of certain restrictions and rules to the society in transforming and keeping it a healthy environment. Law officials have been in existence for the majority of the time, but have now been bribed into letting particular situations slide by. It has converted into controversial issue and common situation, where now it is possible to be seen anywhere. What ever happened to those police officers that followed the rules that they help enforce? Police corruption has been a persistent problem …show more content…
These different branches allow people to visualize the differences between corruptions seen throughout the studies. It has been said, that trust is the major cause and effect of corruption, which leads us to the negative impacts in law enforcement. There have been many cases and high levels of corruption in the Mexican law enforcement, all among the four hundred thousand Mexican police that have been involved.(Luminita, 2011). As mentioned before, Democracy has been a problem for the Latin America due to the bribery and perception that the citizens tend to have. It has been seen for an ordinary citizen to pay money to a police officer to solve a conflict.( Luminita, 2011). This action is in accordance to the citizen and officer in charge, yet mistakes allow others to perceive a certain idea and therefore disagree with the government. In Seksan and Joongyeup’s (2013) academic summary, it has been found that the misconduct that police officers reveal are based off their own decisions, which then choose whether to perform the action or follow the law. Through the visualization and individualistic perspective of people, it can be said that people can be rational, where they are logical and aware of reasonable decisions. (Seksan & Joongyeup, 2013). The corruption in this reference can be seen through multiple perspectives, but mainly seek the peoples individual view. People have a different
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