The Positive Side Of Interpersonal Communication

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In the following answer, I will be addressing how we can be communicating in ways to enhance our quality of being human with others and in turn, hopefully allow other human beings to enhance their interaction with their world as well. I will discuss the areas in the first three chapters of the book “The Positive Side of Interpersonal Communication by Thomas J. Socha and Margaret J Pitts. This book is a collection of articles comprised by some of the best people within the communication field. The three chapters I will incorporate within my analysis will be Toward a Conceptual Foundation for positive Interpersonal Communication, Asthetic Relating, and Being in Concert: An Explication of Synchrony in Positive Intercultural Communication by…show more content…
If people can develop their sense of identity enough to base their life decisions on it, the quality for that person and the people they interact with will increase tremendously. Another concept that is well documented to bring a sense of peace to humanity is the concept of Flow. Flow is a term coined by Csikszentmihalyi to describe the phenomenon of when “we lose track of time and lose focus on ourselves as we become totally immersed in (an) activity” (p. 7). The idea of flow tracks closely with the eudemonic happiness as it allows people to communicate with one another in an activity that may be hours in time, but feel like minutes due to the deep connections each party has within the activity. With communicating with the world, it is important to understand that our emotions control a large portion of how we interact with the environment around us. Through a hedonic approach, it is important to understand that there is a limit in impact when on a quest to seek positive emotions. Understanding that there is a demising return of happiness can keep someone from become too upset that although they have lots of positive emotions, they are still sad. The Second Chapter takes the approach to positive communication and develops a deeper meaning through the lens of Aesthetic Relating. Aesthetic relating can create a world that is
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