The Positive Side Of The Internet

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Right from the inception of the Internet in 1969, there has been a drastic increase in its growth. Over the years the world has become more and more dependent on the internet due to its ease in accessibility, reduced cost and tons of information in all fields. As there are two sides to coins, there are two sides to this both positive and negative with respect to its impact on people. The positive side to the internet with reference to Dr.Leonard Klienrock lecture at infocom 2006 is that it has removed the barrier in between the people, increased the speed of interaction and reduced cost of receiving access to the technology. This has increased to a larger extent in the past 9 years; from receiving a data speed from 50kbps to 1Gbps or maybe beyond is a noticeable example of advancement in the Internet. The internet was basically invented to transfer resourceful information among a group of researchers. Over the years humans have begun looking at it in a different angle which has made it a part of our lives. The internet has affected the people personal, economic and social life profoundly. An example more than 1.5 billion people (apart from the rest use the internet)as of today use Facebook which surely proves two things, one nearly 25% of the world’s population have access to the internet and two, 25% of the people can interact with each other with just a click. The internet has brought people under one roof and made the world smaller. The other name I
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