The Positive Themes Of Forrest Gump

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When I think of a what makes an important movie, I think of the messages and the atmosphere of the movie. A perfect example of an important movie is Forrest Gump. This movie shows many topics that were not before addressed in the media such as PTSD and HIV and has very positive themes. The movie starts with Forrest Gump telling his story to those sitting next to him on the bus stop bench. His story began with his mom getting him braces for his legs. Due to his back, Forrest had to wear leg braces and was often ridiculed for it. Forrest never says it, but he has an I.Q of 75 and possibly has autism or Asperger’s. His mom worked hard to get Forrest in to the school of her choice and even slept with a school official to ensure his education. Throughout his childhood she teaches him that he is capable of everything that others are. On the bus to school he meets his life-long friend named Jenny. No one else on the bus would allow Forrest to sit with them besides Jenny. The two instantly form a bond and continue to stay close to one another until Forrest goes to college. He gets through college and gets a degree because of his impeccable running ability. Once he graduates, he signs up for the United States army and goes to boot camp and meets another close friend nicknamed Bubba. They build a bond in boot camp as well as Vietnam where they meet Lieutenant Dan. He is their superior and guides them in Vietnam. Forrest and Bubba then make a promise to become a shrimp boat captain
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