The Positive and Negative Aspects of Job Migration

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Introduction There are many people moving from their native countries to foreign countries. It has many reasons such as educational and economical, religious and political problems. Reason of labor migration lack of work opportunities, and receive sufficient income at home. As we know, the number of people who migrate from their native countries is getting higher and keep increasing. According to statistics, Number of labor immigrants was increase to 145855 all over the world between April and June 2013(Immigration Statistics, April to June 2013).This essay seeks to evaluate the positive and negative impacts of labor migration. This research will begin by evaluating the economic effects of job migration it will then proceed to investigate the social effects. In the process it will be highlighted that the impacts of migration are balanced. Main body Economical effects Job migration has negative and positive impacts on economy. All countries take taxes from migrants. Migrants fail to pay taxes in their home country, but faced with the need to pay the new taxes in the host country. They are in a new country such benefits as national defense, security and policing, natural environment, the system of state education, refusing similar services in their country. They also receive a new law in the field of such transfer payments as unemployment insurance, social security payments and the usual benefits of poverty. In the country of immigration migrants pay in taxes a lot more
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