The Positive and Negative Effects of Advertising on Consumer Behavior

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Advertising is an information source to inform people about the products and new prices of the company which can help them to make informed choices. More recently, huge amount of money has been spent on advertising throughout the world. Different types of advertisement such as television, radio, magazine, newspaper, the internet, billboards and posters can influence consumer’s behavior positively or negatively as there are different arguments and opinions. This essay will focus on the purpose of the advertisement for the company, the positive effects and negative effects of advertisement on consumer behavior. According to Shimp (2007), there are five important factors which determine the purpose of advertisement in terms of marketers’…show more content…
Fennis (2003) indicates that a study in USA shows the duplication of health promotion in television has increased as a main supply of information after gaining the information from health practitioners like doctors. Community health associations has been started to involve television in presenting the health information and the prevention of illness to public in the previous two decades. Diseases such as AIDS, cardiovascular, stroke are the outcome of an unhealthful way of life. In fact, this kind of advertisement has increased the awareness of the consumers regarding health problems. Wallack & Dorfman (as cited in Fennis, 2003) revealed that around 31 percent of all advertising was related to health either directly or indirectly which focused on food nutritional value. Fennis (2003) states that mass media can have a direct effect in rising consciousness, obtaining knowledge, change of consumers’ behavior or attitude due to health problems which is unassuming. However, some research has failed to support these findings. Television advertisement can change people’s attitude or behavior minimally not significantly. For example, advertisement can change their choice of purchase only in some exceptional situation not always. Accordingly, advertisement in television about healthy product may influence consumers’ behavior positively or negatively and ultimately, it can have effect on their
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