The Positive and Negative Experiences of Physical Activity from People with Disabilities

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The purpose of this study was to find out the positive and negative experiences of physical activity from people with disabilities. They used a qualitative approach of research through semi structured interviews with 20 people with disabilities who have personal experience of participating in physical activity. Each interview lasted 70-110 minutes and was audio-taped and transcribed. They chose the participants through a sampling strategy of 6 physical and 6 verbal disabled people, at least 8 males and 8 females, at least 5 from each age group of 18-23, 24-40 and 41-60 years of age and lastly at least 5 from each category of congenital disability, acquired abruptly or gradually. Interviews focused on their negative and positive experience…show more content…
Data was collected from focus and semi-structured interviews, observations and documents from 87 elementary students, one physical education teacher and one teaching intern. Comparisons were used from three fifth grade class who engaged in a 5 week disability sport unit to three fourth grade classes who participated in physical education curriculum lessons. 15% of the school population had a disability and required individual education plans. They used sampling to attain age relevant data for their research study and make sure it was an accurate representation of the population. Before the disability sports unit, students believed disability meant that “… they can't do what other people do". However, after the unit finished their views had changed and they said “I think they are just like you and I". Before the start of unit children believed Paralympic sports were for “special education people in the Olympics." Although, afterwards they had a change of perception and they then said “Paralympics games are a great way to show that even if you have a disability you can still do what you want." The teacher believed the lessons would not be good because it is not traditionally what they do in lessons. However, afterwards their views had changed: “I learned just as much as these guys did…And I'm going to be more aware of people with disabilities and have my kids be more aware.” They used a case study
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