Essay on The Positive and Negative Impact of Media on Teens

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Each day, the importance of mass media is increasing among society. More people are becoming dependent on the media and are being affected by it unknowingly. “Over the past five years, the time kids spend using media has increased significantly” (Media's Grip on Tweens and Teens). “According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 87 percent of teens with cell phones use them for texting, sending an average of 50 messages a day. It's not just teens; the same study showed that 72 percent of adult cell phone users also text. More and more teens and adults are also using phones to access social media sites like Facebook and Twitter” (Rossiter, M). While the mass media can have a positive effect, it can also have a negative effect on …show more content…
The plot of Grand Theft Auto is to kill as many people as a player can, steal as many cars and get as many prostitutes. A ten year old kid is being socialized by these video games that stealing is acceptable and he or she is also being taught bad behavior. “Violence of movies and video games is a bad influence on children” (Giuliani, D.). Considering the amount of time teenagers and tweens spend playing video games not only teaches them bad behavior, but it also takes away time that could be used for family time or even homework.
Programs like Jersey Shore, Family Guy, The Real World, Sixteen and Pregnant also help to depict an unrealistic representation of life. Jersey Shore is the hottest TV show on MTV at this moment. I hear my classmates always talking about how great the Jersey Shore is. They are always talking about Snooky and Vinny hooking up, “The Situation” starting another fight, and all the one night stands the cast have with random people they meet at the clubs. Vulgar language, physical violence and sexual content are a big part of the show. “Matteo Renzi's rules, listed in Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, ban Snooki and co from filming in bars and clubs that serve alcohol or being filmed drinking in public. The cast are also barred from doing anything to present Florence, central Italy, as a drinking town” (Jersey Shore cast set rules to film by). Now a day, teens based
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