The Positive and Negative Impact of the Portrayal of Religion

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The portrayal of religion has had both a negative and positive impact. When people hear about religion, they either cringe at the fact of following outdated rules and norms, or issues that deal with politics and the media. The two most popular religions, Islam and Christianity, must be analysed to identify what religion is. While further examining these closely, a finite argument can be made that religion is unfavourable for the modern society. Our society holds the key main ingredients to the era of modernity. This huge array of advancements from the internet, television, mobile devices and even newspapers all have one thing in common: they are controlled and manipulated by norms and values (Diamond, 2010, pg. 5). When referring to modernity, the changes that religion has done to our society, for better or for worse, will be discussed. These involve any forms of change and modernism that changes the general public’s perception. One thing for certain is that the religion has the power to project any information, any way they see fit. This is especially the case when it deals with political, racial and biased topics that are very sensitive in nature (Ungerleider, 2011. pg. 24). In essence, religion is one of the most powerful things that exist because of the controlling dynamics of information (Chan, 1994, pg. 54). They can curve political agendas, promote racial class subcultures, and create public opinion with regards to any social issues. Depending on the

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