The Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Family Life

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The Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Family Life
“Is technology tearing apart family life? Text messaging, social networking, and online video are changing the way parents and children see the world—and each other.” There are many technologies in today’s world that are widely used not just as a want, but as a necessity of life. This term paper will focus on relationship between family life and computer technologies, which have become the most widely used technology in the world due to its variety of functions including SNS, mailing, online face-to-face video chatting, and assignment completing tools. Computer technologies have both positive and negative effects on family life. As more and more families are
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Even when there is only one computer per family, there is an interruption with family life. If one person is using the computer, then other family members do not want to just wait while the computer is being used, so they will go to a different room and each person will end up using the computers at their own leisure. The use of computer games is another thing that has reduced human contact between family members. Before computers were used in the home, if someone wanted to play a game, they usually had to find at least one other family member to play a board game or card game with them. That forced families to spend more time talking to each other. Now if someone wants to play a game that requires more than one person, they can just go on the computer and either play online against another person, or they can play against the computer. Playing games on the computer makes it easier to be isolated from physical contact with other family members. Now that you don’t have to ask person in your family to play a game, most families don’t spend as much time talking to each other and learning about each other. Another negative cause that computers have on family life is that many people now bring their work home with them instead of leaving it at work the way they used to. People’s work is now invading the privacy of their home. People find that it is easier and more convenient to work at home, so
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