The Positives And Negatives About The Company, Pac Resources, Inc.

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Introduction In this report, we will be discussing the positives and negatives about the company, PAC Resources, INC. We will be analyzing every aspect of the human resource department including their methods, techniques, and also any misbehaves the corporation might be undergoing. Many corporations experience many poor qualities and poor techniques within each department. It is our job as students is to analyze from an outsider 's perspective what the problems are and how we can improve and properly reassess them to get them back on the right track. Background What is the corporation PAC is a large developing corporation that specializes in high-quality equipment components for the computer industry. The sell their own products across the United States and also Asia. The founded of PAC, Dukakis, is very proud to say this his company produces all of their products in United States. He believes that “this is what has kept his company in business while others in the industry shipped jobs offshore or went by the wayside” (Page 1). Many companies go to PAC to get the well-known high quality products because they know they will not be disappointed. History of the PAC With every one success, there was also multiple failures. This is exactly what happened to the company PAC. David Dukakis founded PAC in 1994. After a couple of years, the company was quickly falling through and Dukakis just looked at it as an entrepreneurship skill builder. After this major failure, he

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