The Positives Of Single Parenting

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Jocelyn Escobar
February 17, 2015
Lit 11
The Positives of Single Parenting What comes into your mind when you hear about single parenting? “Americans attitudes towards single [parenting] were so negative-- by negative I mean, nearly seven out of ten said that single [parents] raising a child without the benefit of a partner was bad for society” (Huntington Post). Many assumptions are made towards single parents looking down on them not knowing all that they go through. They just have that stereotypical mind that single parents are bad parents. Thoughts like single parents may abandon their kids, and do not care about them. Single parent may not know how to raise children on their own. What people do not know or think about is that the children that get raised by single parents get affected more in a positive way rather than a negative. the situations that are faced by single parents lead these children to become better, more matured adults and/or parents. The challenges faced economically, emotionally, and physically faced by parents vary in different situations which generally affect children in a positive way.
Divorce and separations is not always great. This happens to many couples. Many relationships once they have kids are not able to sustain that "fun" they use to have. Relationships have their own problems and situations that are not able to be avoided. Either that the love has faded or just was never there. It may also be caused by work situations.…

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