The Positives Of Single Parenting

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Jocelyn Escobar February 17, 2015 DeNicola Lit 11 The Positives of Single Parenting What comes into your mind when you hear about single parenting? “Americans attitudes towards single [parenting] were so negative-- by negative I mean, nearly seven out of ten said that single [parents] raising a child without the benefit of a partner was bad for society” (Huntington Post). Many assumptions are made towards single parents looking down on them not knowing all that they go through. They just have that stereotypical mind that single parents are bad parents. Thoughts like single parents may abandon their kids, and do not care about them. Single parent may not know how to raise children on their own. What people do not know or think about is…show more content…
Which normally causes the parents to split and have the child be under the guidance of one parent.. Although these parents become single parents, they still have the help from the other parent when they are visiting their child. Many single parents just never married. They wouldn 't want to get involved into a long commitment with their partner. Although some may know their child 's father they are still considered single parents for raising the child as a single parent. Even as young as 15 years old parents, can be found as single parents. These parents were way too young and choose to not married the child 's father, choose to bring a child into the world where they would take care of them on their own. Lastly and not an uncommon way of being a single parent is being a widow. Mothers could died while giving birth, leaving the father to raise the child on their own. Fathers or mother could have a serious illness that keeps them from being in a child 's life as they grown up. As sad as it may be some child grow up without a father or mother because they died before they could remember any memories of them. The other parent is held responsible to take care and raise the child on their own the best they can. Single parenting is not an uncommon situation. There are many statistics taken to record the number of single parenting. "According to U.S. census Bureau there are 12 million single parent
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