The Positivity of Year-Round Schools Essay

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Do you ever wonder why the kids cause so much chaos during vacation? Well they have too much time on their hands and not enough supervision. Back when we lived in a basic economy, summer vacation made sense because academic achievement mattered less. An absence of air conditioning or modern hygiene turned crowded schools into health-risks, and children had moms who were home every day. Times have changed now, so we have no need for summer vacation. Year Round schools would be successful because GPAs will rise and graduation rates will increase also children would have a safe place to go
Thinking about your child’s future? Well if we had year round schools, our kids would be better, they are basically competing with other countries such as Europe, India, and China for rewarding brain-based jobs. Today, summer vacation can be an impact on low income kids. Scholars have reported that students lose significant academic ground in the summertime, than students that go read at pricey summer camps. Urban and minority children have been in an aggravating big factor of an “achievement gap.” Many programs such as KIPP Academies have employed a lengthened school year with a mandatory 3-4 week summer school session to boost achievement. Do you think kids can handle summer break anymore? Millions of kids are doing productive things like camps or family trips, while other are loitering malls and not so good websites, which could lead to academic disaster. In an earlier era, the nation’s…