The Possibilities of Technological Influences on Evolution

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There is a belief that because we no longer fight for our survival, we will no longer evolve. Evolution, however, has no goal or foresight. Though we have seized the need to fight, and have triumphed to the top of the animal food chain, we continue to change and develop by whatever is most successful for production. This could be beneficial, but could also have detrimental effects. This paper will discuss these positive and negative possibilities, as well as how technology could greatly alter our evolutionary path.
The Ideal of the Body
The initial future envisioned by the author was admittedly an ideal one. It’s easy to imagine that without limit to food and shelter that would otherwise inhibit our potential, we may become taller. History shows that this has long been the trend and humanity could perhaps come to a 6’5” average, or even higher, but at this point much taller mates would likely cease to be attractive as we would be reaching our peak of structural stability. Humans much taller than this would be over encumbered by their own density, and have inhibited walking capabilities (Fowler, 2006). Because of this, the author predicted the possibility of an increasingly uniform height, as both very tall and shorter members of society are selected against. Large amounts of body hair also tend to be chosen against and humans would likely…
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