The Possibility Of De-Extinction In The World

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Imagine a world where no human had the chance to live or have a life for themselves. There are many species that get to experience what was just described. Lives are a thing of both the present, past, and future and all eventually fade away. However, scientists through many, many years have tried studying ways to bring back these lives. This idea and theory is called de-extinction. Many believe it to be an amazing thing to possibly have, and millions more believe it to be a terrible idea. Those who believe this to be a bad idea are afraid of a possible “Jurassic Park” type of outcome where the species broke loose and killed people. Those who believe it’s the right thing that needs to be done believe it can help the world in many ways. Whether a world catastrophe would come from the de-extinction of many, or any species is in question though. There is a belief that the world has its own order and that the age of many animals and species is over, but if the…show more content…
De-extinction has the capability of helping the environment, helping the world’s biodiversity, and quite possibly helping the economy. There are many options that are available through de-extinction and the world has the possibility of becoming a greater place through it. Living has become a goal for many species simply because extinction has become a larger threat for those many species. The Earth’s ecosystems are capable of rebirth and returning to the way they used to be. Through de-extinction the world can grow and become something it used to be. It was a clean, open, free world with opportunities in medicine, trade, and many other things. Through the years, humans have become the enemy of the world itself. “Conservation is about the ecosystems that species define and on which they depend” ( Pimm 10). De-extinction is a way for the biodiversity to be corrected from the many mistakes we’ve made in the past. Life will always find a
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